DW Broken Glass ( Finnish Ply? ), help needs....


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I have 8" tom and kick DW Collectros, date 2006, accord to seller in finish, Broken Glass. ( I think he even say Finnish Ply )

I want now to buye a floortom from Ebay .

But at some pictures, when seller call them Broken Glass, they almost look like a "silver sparkle". Mine are more yellow, ALMOST as Broken Gold...
(But i AM FOR SHURE , it´s not Broken Gold, I have comapre lot of pictures, and they are NOT so yellow as Gold)

I see some, yellow as mine, called BrokenGlass too,for sale on Ebay, but they did not want to send it to Europe, or they sell comlete kit.
Thats why I did not buye them . Some wont to send tom to Sweden, but I am not longer for shure if mine IS Broken Glass, and is out there two kind of Broken Glass, anf if, what do I have????

It CAN have to to with light, camera, and so on, to do... whay they can look so different.
But I am not dare to buye a floortom , shipp it to Sweden, pay custom taxes, and finaly find out here - wrong Broken Glass.
I would like first to find out,for shure, what I get to buye, first.

Are all Broken Glass the same, let us say 2006 v.s. 2009?
And is all B.G. Finnsih Ply?
Or what is the differnece, and what Finnish Ply mean att all?
Or, ARE ALL DW BROKEN GLASS THE SAME - it only differnet quality on pictures?

Here is some pictures from internet,(not mine), and all says that its Broken Glass. It look to me, as mine finnish, a little bit yellow:

... and here is some other, Broken Glass too, but they are looking more "Silver" to me, than mine...

Please, help me determinate " what broken glass" shall I try to buye?


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not sure on the color but all wrapped DW kits are "finish ply" this is what DW calls it.

DW says the their wrapping process make the wrap part of the shell, thus " finish ply"

if I were you I would shoot DW an email and ask if there is any difference in the wrap between those Yeats. they are very responsive and great people.


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It is indeed a finish ply. Broken glass is the name. It looks amazing under the lights! Silver sparkle won't match and doesnt look as good. As far as I know the broken glass from 2006 is the same as 2009.


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I have a 2009 broken glass kit. They look silver in some pictures and goldish like you are referring to in other pictures. Broken glass is a finish ply, so that is correct. As far as I know, broken glass finish is the same as it was a few years ago, or very similar. You could contact the company to ask for sure, but they should be the same. Mine look yellowish gold under some lights, and silverish under others. I think you should be OK purchasing a tom, it should match very closely.


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So, now its for shure, that ALL Broken Glass SHOULD be the same ( there can be some small difernce in colour - but allmost not noticable).
All difernce that I could see, is only becouse camera and light.

Thans for helping me !!!!

So now I start huning floortom ( And maybe even a basdrum if I ever find right size for a good price- it would be cool with DW set incl. two basdrum).
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All the pictures lo similar enough to me. Obviously there is a little variation in the colour tone but that will just be down to the light available and camera etc


Broken glass kits start out the same but can change their appearance slightly given their age and exposure to natual light - not unlike WMP kits from the sixties and seventies often have a degree of 'yellowing"
I have a set of 2007s and they still look like new but thats because ive closed off the windows in the practice room and there is very little natural light getting in. Their appearance also depends on what kind of light is bouncing off them.
yellow bulbs will reflect a yellowish look etc
Best drum wrap evah in my humble opinion