DW bass drum resonant heads


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I am considering ordering a new resonant head for my 20 inch kick off DW. A couple questions for those who has had experiences with this:

In terms of colour, i plan on getting the gloss black one but as i have seen different styles of res heads for dw, what's the main set of differences btwn the vented and non vented in terms of sound and application? According to price, the non vented costs more it appears. My kit currently has the vented one as it was the case when i purchased it.

Another Q is, are there better online sources from which i can order these heads other than from dw website? How long does it typically take for dw to process ship and deliver to toronto canada?


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I have smooth white, fiberskyn and black vented reso heads on my DW kits.
Less sustain, a bit more punch than the non-vented version.
Try Chicago Music Exchange for any DW head. They sell for way less than DW direct. They can order anything that's not in stock. In Canada, maybe Long and McQuade?


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Aren't they Remos?

Would it be safe to assume that a similar remo head with a hole cut to the same size as the all the vents added up would sound the same?


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They are made by remos yes
However if i wanted to do what you suggested, i wouldn't have made the thread lol. I want the dw branded head for esthetic reason for my dw kit lol. My current one is fine but good to have extras for future.

Anyways i contacted a few canadian stores to see if they carry them but for now, the chicago music exchange also looks good. Hope they dont make u pay out the bum for import charges because i just found out dw online order doesnt ship to residents in canada... what joke..