DW 9502LB remote hats


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I'm looking into DW 9502LB remote hihat stand. Same price for 10ft as 8ft cable. Curious pros and cons of extra 2 ft. Anyone use the 10ft? Is there extra lag time? Might Cable get in the way? I have a double bass set up with 3 Toms up and 2 floor but may also be using with a single kick set up for playing out. Any input from those with this in 8ft or 10ft would be appreciated.


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I totally recommend one! I've had mine since 2015 with no problems whatsoever!
The pedal fits directly next to my left bass drum pedal. No lag issues whatsoever. Easy cable replacement with a drum key.
Come with two mounting pieces and a dandy carrying bag! Pricey, but worth every penny!

One thing though; put some protection (tubing, tape) for the bottom cymbal to prevent "keyholing".
I'm amazed DW overlooked that!

Otherwise, cry once and buy once and I'm confident you'll love it.


I've been using the 8 footer for over a decade, and it's fine for how I use it (I run it to the center of the kit in front of the toms as my main hat), but if you are going all the way over to the other side of your kit then I would get the extra couple of feet, if only to avoid straining the cable with hard bends. BTW, I changed the 9000 footboard to a 5000 so it would match with my 5000 BD pedals.


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So I use a remote hi hat as my main hi hat stand and I've gone through 3 different ones so far.

The DW is by far the worst of them and I don't use it at all anymore, the lag in the cable was horrendous. I then bought the now defunct Trick Predator remote hi hat. Excellent response, but the cable kept breaking, so I finally bought the Tama Iron Cobra Remote Hi Hat a year ago. It's by far the best of the three. It uses JagWire cable, so there's no lag at all and so far so good no cable issues.


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I use the DW and I'm more than satisfied! Be aware that a remote hihat will always feel more indirect than a regular stand.