DW 9000 series remote hi-hat stand differences


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I think the cymbal stand clamp is different- higher end model with the 9502LB. I got a 9502LB and it came with a drop clutch, by the way.

Did you check the DW site?


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Yeah, it's the drop clutch and the side arm config. Basically the same unit otherwise.


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I would guess its really just the arm that adds the extra $ the clutch is kind of inconsequential... and if you look, the cheaper one has the drop clutch on it anyway.
I play with a pretty old DW remote hat and LOVE it. It is the best piece of gear I ever owned. Mine doesn't have the legs on the pedal part which would be a welcome addition since mine tries to go sideways on me sometimes.
I use a standard cymbal stand to mount on with a straight clamp to attach my hat to a pearl-style tom arm clamped onto the stand with a tama multi-clamp which seems much more versatile then the clamp on either of those models.... My point is that you may want to look into spending $20-60 for a different mounting solution for positioning. that was always the hardest thing with using the remote until i bought this clamp and tom arm.