DW 9000 pedal struggle!!

Thanks. I am using 2 single pedals, but good to know if I ever switch to double ( Probably when I eventually get an electric kit to play late at night and not drive my wife crazy😀).


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When I needed an extra double pedal but didn’t feel like spending big bucks, I bought a PDP 502, which is actually pretty nice for the price (I bought mine used in like-new condition for like $50). Except for those horrible heavy plastic beaters. I couldn’t even come close to doing quick singles with those tanks. So I got some Iron Cobra beaters for that pedal, and now it feels great! Nearly indistinguishable from my Yamaha Flying Dragon.

So yeah, DW pedals + IC beaters = HUGE improvement
502 is the best cheap pedal you can get

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It certainly takes a while to get used to new pedals.

Spring tension and beater height are the two crucial adjustments for me.

I use two DW 5000 Turbos, and I've had better response with a tighter spring tension.
I'm used to heavy beaters. I used to use those big Danmar felt beaters with the black shaft with lightweight Pearl pedals with a strap.
However, those DW beaters (2-sided) are pretty hefty! I improved the response by lowering the beaters, making doubles easier to execute.
The trick is to somehow make these heavy-duty pedal feel lighter and quicker.