DW 6000 is one fine pedal.


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For 20 years, I used solely the Camco/Tama chain pedal. I recently bought another off Devil Bay, and it came with an aftermarket cam, and I gave up. I bought the closest thing I could find to the pedal, a dw6000. And it was a good choice. It's a fine pedal that I can be really happy with.


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The 3000 is also a nice pedal for a less expensive option. I would not hesitate to use a 3000 on a gig. I never played a 6000. Glad you like yours. I hardly ever hear about them, same as the DW 4000 and the DW 7000. I've played those. Most DW pedals have a similar feel IMO.

I like DW pedals, they're fairly bulletproof. I have a DW 5000 pedal that I never touched the settings on that pedal since I originally adjusted it.
I got it in 2004, and did at least a 1000 gigs with it over 10 years, before getting a 9000. Some bottom teeth on the sprocket today are nubs. I never even oiled it, whoops.

There's a lot of good pedals. Yamaha, Pearl...I could never get along with Iron Cobras. They feel heavy to me. (heel down)


Man, I really hope my Camco Reissue I bought on eBay arrives soon. It was a new old stock that sat on a store shelf until July 2020 and I almost paid the new price for it, but it’s finally on the way to me :)


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Not wanting to derail the thread, but can someone explain the DW *000 lines?
I know the 5000 and 9000 lines are the top lines, but is the 6000 'better' than the 5000 line? Or even the 7000?
How do they compare?
Just interested. For an Iron Cobra user things are pretty simple in pedal world haha


The DW6000 line is kind of the “retro” line. So what today is the DW6000 pedal is basically what the original DW5000 pedal was when they still were “direct” descendants from the Camcos.