DW 5000 users: Do you prefer Accelerator, or Turbo?

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The old post got lost in the reboot.

What DW cam do you prefer? Accelerator or Turbo?

Have you had one and switched to the other?

I have been playing DW 9002s for the last few years, but have come to like the "feedback" I feel from the DW5002s a bit more.

I am thinking about picking one up soon as it is the bargain season, and I want to feel out what I am looking at.

drumming sort of person

I have been playing DW 9002s for the last few years, but have come to like the "feedback" I feel from the DW5002s a bit more.
Your current pedals can be adjusted so that they will have the same cam profile as the 5000s.


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Is the better "feedback" you get from the 5000s from both pedals or just the slave? If it's the latter and you're judging from a newer pedal, then it could be a sloppy drive shaft. The joints on my 9000s wore out just as bad as my old 7000s and the left pedal was a horrible slopfest, but now I have the Trick retrofit and they feel perfect.

If it's all-around both pedals on the 5000 feeling better, then the only functional difference (guessing here) should be some extra inertia from the super-beefy adjustable 9000 cams. All the other components should be identical or comparable...same footboards, bearings in the right places, etc. Maybe some lighter beaters could offset the cam weight...or maybe even trying to find 5000/7000/3000 cams to swap out the 9000's.

I'd try really hard to identify what variable there is (possibly more than one) that is responsible for the difference in feel. Both pedals have adjustable chain length/pedal angle, spring tension, beater angle, and beater height. My best guess is still extra mass from the cams.

Just trying to save you some $$ here. Also, might some red spray paint for your floorplates fix your problem? ;)

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Sorry, I was at work and did not properly explain what I meant by "feedback". I suppose I am referring to a slightly less refined or smooth feeling I get from DW 9000s. It's not super bad or anything, and mostly just preference, but the 9000s just seem a bit disconnected and isolated when compared to the 5000s. Of course, some would see this as a more desirable trait.

But I guess I had been looking at this next pedal purchase a little more objectively. Don't get me wrong. I like my DW 9002s just fine, but if I were to purchase another double again, I don't think I would spend the extra money when I like the way the 5000s feel. That and I do like the updated bass hoop clamp that they both share.

And LOL @ the red paint. It's crazy enough.. it might just work! Unfortunately, this set of pedals would be for my house kit. I am currently using a super old, like ~1990-1 era (HP45?) single Tama pedal. So I would like to have something that is close to what I play now. If I like the 5000s enough, I would sell my 9000s and get another set of 5000s to take its place.

I DID play around with one of those JoJo Mayer pedal today. Those are pretty sweet. I am not sure that I would like not having the double pedal option, but it felt very nice. It's very responsive and smooth.


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Hmm. It's hard to say then what the difference is. It could still be the cam weight, but it might be the shape, too. Even though they're adjustable, you can't really get them to the exact shape of any given sprocket. Also it could be worn bearings or loose screws, but I doubt you'd miss that.

Completely get what you mean about the extra money for the 9000s. They're good but definitely not worth the $650 or whatever they go for retail IMO. Mine were some decently worn floor models black-fridayed for $300, which is less than they go for used a lot of the time.

If you need a new double and you dig the 5000s, this is what I would do. Get some used 3000s/7000s. Trashy hinges and driveshafts but otherwise identical to the 5000s (sans red parts). I've seen them go for $100 used, and the main bearings and all the solid parts really shouldn't wear out. Those schmancy dw bearing hinges are a stupid-steep $100 for the pair, but they'll fix half the problems of those pedals. The other half can be fixed by a new driveshaft. My trick one was about $130 and it literally DOES NOT wiggle. Also, you know how those four stupid screws on the dw one gouge the aluminum driveshaft and always loosen up? How would you like one non-gouging adjustment screw on a stainless shaft with 8 ball bearing? You would. Also some rustoleum or krylon is about $4 a can. So you can have essentially dw 5002 pedals that say 3000 or 7000, have all the same other parts, have the best driveshaft ever, and a crappy paintjob...all for about $334. It's Janky, it saves you $70, it works better, and it doesn't come with a case.

What more could you want?


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To answer your direct question: Accelerator

I've always loved the heft and punch from that cam. The turbo is probably what I grew up playing in terms of my old Tama and Slingerland pedals but my first 5000 around the mid 90's was a revelation.

Since that single chain double, I tried the 9000 when those came out and sold it soon after. Went out and bought the same 5000 but with the twin chain. That was about 8 years ago and haven't looked at or thought about a new pedal since.

I don't play a ton of double bass so the single pedal action is most important to me. I like to back off on the board and use my toes (heel up) to punch the pedal forward. When I slide my foot forward for double and triples a la Good Times Bad Times, I find it very easy to switch techniques. Plus the mid tempo four on the floor just feel darn good to lay my leg into. Great pedal.

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I got the DW 5002AD4s (Accelerator double pedals), almost a year ago.

I decided that I DID like the 5000s enough to go with them over the 9000s.

I also decided to try the Accelerators over the Turbo.

After playing primarily the Accelerators, I can say quite definitely that I prefer the Accelerator cam a lot more than the Turbo cam. I find that the Accelerators offer a slight amount more power in the stroke, and consequently, more perceived volume. I had not given it too much thought because I got used to the new pedals so quickly. My single chain DW 5000s from the early 90s were accelerators.

The thing that made me realize the difference was a great deal I found on a single DW 5000 pedal that I found on CL. It looked very lightly used with little to no wear for a good price, so I jumped on it. I took it to practice, set it up and played half our set list, but something didn't feel right. The spring tension seemed about right. I even swapped out the "traditional felt" beater out with the DW two-sided beater to see if that was it.

Then it dawned on me. I got down to take a look at the cam. Sure enough, it was a Turbo! HAHA. Well, I know I can swap out the cam for about $40. So, I guess I will look into that at some point. But I think I am an Accelerator believer from here on out.