DW 5000/7000 footplate swap


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I know this is a longshot, but...

...I have a DW 5000 two-leg hi-hat stand and a DW7000 single pedal that I use on my practice kit at home. The hi-hat stand is NOT like the other 5000 stands that have the red anondized metal parts, it is actually more like 7000 series hardware.

Does anyone that has a DW7000 single pedal want to trade their 7000 footplate for a 5000 footplate? I know that it doesn't really matter, but I like it when my stuff matches.

I will pay for shipping of my footplate and the shipping of yours to me. I would send the footplate and a little cash and then you could send me the 7000 footplate.

Any takers?


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Im pretty sure that your local music store could order you a foot plate if you really want one. I broke the footplate to my dw 7000 double pedal once and i was able to order a new one. I forget how much it cost though.


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That's a great idea. I'll call my local GC and see how much a 7000 plate costs.