DW 3000 VS Tama Iron Cobra Jr

Bo Eder

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theyre both in the same price range so which is better?
The one your foot likes is the better one.

Actually, if you want to try, I'm selling both of my Iron Cobra Jrs (in pretty much mint condition) for just $90. You can get two for the price of one!


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They're both fine pedals. ICJrs are single-chain, the 3000s are double chain, but both are well-made, dependable, and plenty adjustable. I own a 3002 double pedal and use it for gigs, hasn't failed me yet.


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I have 3 DW7000's. This line got discontinued and was called "DW3000". I loved my DW7000's, but I got speed cobras instead. I would say whichever you like better. Ask to put them on a kit (if available) and play with both. If you want speed, go for the Cobras. If you want a harder hit, go for the DW's.