DW 14x8 Steel snare


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I picked up this 14x8 DW performance series steel snare when I was in hollywood this week. For the price this snare is awesome, it's SUPER LOUD! Crazy projection.

I was planning to swap the 3mm triple flanged for a die cast but it sounds so good as is.I don't think it needs a cast hoop it's the perfect amount of ring with my dollar store easter window cling cut up as moonjel. I set it up with my 24/18/14 ludwig stainless steel bastard and it's the perfect match. Bad pics below.


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That snare is a beast. I tinkered with one at a local shop. As you stated, loud! Super heavy too, nice pick-up.


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Beautiful looking snare. I was eyeing it but I figured a 14x8 in steel would just be too much snare for me. Is it super-ringy?

To be honest the 3mm "true tone hoops" are verging on die-cast weight and with a 2ply head with a center dot it's not bad. I have around 1 1/4 equivalent of moon jel on it. To compare my 14x8 maple has a 2ply head no center dot and maybe 3/4 a piece of moonjel.

I don't think it's very versatile, and would probably be hard to sound good in a quiet enviorment. For fighting a wall of cabs cranked up high, it rules though. It blends in volume wise perfectly with my SS kit.