Dunnet R4-L throw off

i called Dunnet last week about the R4-L throw for Ludwig beaded shell snares (Supra/Black Beauty). talked to Ron, he said the throw should hit the stores summer 2012. the hold up is actually not the throw, but the first batch had issues fitting the drums, seems that the hole pattern for the p85/p86 was a bit higher/lower on some drums, so fitting could be hit or miss as the Dunnet throw has a notch just big enough to clear the bead this was a problem. the new R4-L will have a longer notch to solve this problem.
Now maybe its just me, but i dont like Ludwig throws. the Dunnet R-series throw just looks classy on a Black Beauty.



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If I had a Black Beauty, I would definitely get the R4-L. I like my Millenium throwoff, but this Dunnett throwoff just oozes class!



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Absolutely despise the Ludwig throw-offs. Always one of the first things I've changed on ALL of the 4 Black Beauties I've owned as well as the Supra's. I also used to put locking lugs on them as they always used to vibrate loose. My TKO has rendered all those issues mute...