Dumb snare drum question?


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Its been awhile since I have posted a real stupid question so here goes.. I know marching snares are a whole different sound but has anyone took an old descent quality say ludwig or slingerland 14 x 10 maybe maple or old 3 ply with rings and put regular snares on it and made a deep booming snare drum..think 80's sound..how possible is it and are there any recomendations.. I have wondered about this for quite some time..I know it would be cumbersome between the legs..

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It's been done before. Check this out. It's a 14x10 marcher that I had converted onto a kit snare.

It's the deepest snare that I've ever owned so I have found tuning to be a little more fussy on it. I really had to sit down with it to find the "sweet spot". There's another user on here Evilbagua who loves using giant snares on his kit. He likes to crank them for a real tight metal sound. I tried cranking mine down just for fun and it sounds really, really good. I wish I played ska or metal so I could use this baby all cranked down.

A very deep snare is also going to be capable of a much deeper tuning. When it came time to record our EP I used my red snare on all three songs for a nice low rock snare and it really delivered.

I'd really recommend going for a deep snare, if nothing else they're a whole lot of fun!


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I've got one. It's a 14x10 Leedy and Ludwig with wood hoops and claws. Sounds phenomenal with regular snares on it. Super woody sound, and more sensitive than you'd think a 10" deep drum would be.

It's not a dumb question, by the way...


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I loves me some giant snares. I have a 15x12 70's ludwig with gut wires, and a 15x12 60's re-ring with normal wires and a 80's pearl 14x12 with a 42 strand on it. I normally switch between the 15x12 with gut wires for a super deep throaty sound, or the 14x12 with the 42 which is like a 14x8 on steroids it cuts through anything. I think for most "normal" music they wouldn't be a great go too. I also think your average drummer wouldn't want one as their only main snare. For me live I want a ton of cut and nothing compares to them.

There cheap, easy to get up and running if you need hardware and you won't feel bad about drilling normal strainers on gut wire models etc. Heres the threads to my two favs I own. I've gotten most of mine in the 40-60$ range on craigslist because there ugly or missing a part or two. The 15x12 red sparkle was more because it's mint mint 10 out of 10 i think sitting in a case since 1980 brand new shape.


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I don't think that's a dumb question, either. I've been sorta' searching for an old Ludwig snare with the wood hoops for actual use because I love those things. But on a Disney gig I took the marching snare they gave me and put white ambassadors on it and wire snares and loved it! In fact, everybody else did too, I was able to play sensitive brush stuff while strolling around with these brass players, it was great. That drum was a 12x14. 10x14 would be perfect.

From what I remember, the drummer from the Baby's (John Waite's group before he went solo) used a marching snare and actually put floor tom legs on it instead of putting it in a stand.


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Marching snares can be had cheaply on CG and evilbay.Ludwig,Leedy,and don't overlook Slingerland marching snares which kind of sound like 40's radio kings.I can't remember his name at this moment but the drummer for Page and Plant used marching snares,and they sounded huge.

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