DTXpress and DTXpressII Daisy Chain Questions


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Hey everyone! New to this site, first post. I searched throughout could not find exactly the issue or the answer. So here is my set-up:

-Dtxpress midi out to dtxpressII midi in.
-Mapped midi numbers 1-13 on sending module.
-Assigned voices to numbers on receiving module.
-Created first user kit (49) with pads from both modules.

Issues happens when I try to create user kit (50).
-Pads that are plugged into receiving module are accepting changes to voices using same midi numbers (1-13). When I toggle between user kit (49) and user kit (50), drum sounds are exactly as expected (acoustic set vs jazz set for example).
-When I try to change voices on pads in sending module (same process as in user kit (49), it changes the sounds in user kit (50). And vise versa.
-I have turned off Receiving settings on sending unit, but still the same issue.

So info is being sent back somehow? I obviously am missing a setting. Thanks in advance for your help!!


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"-I have turned off Receiving settings on sending unit."

You need to turn off on receiving unit not sending unit. Imagine the signal flow....

(the sending unit is not receiving anything!)


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Right. Understood. Tried setting everything to off, same result. Any other parameters/settings I may have missed that are allowing this to happen?