DTxplorer vs Roland TD6


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Hi, I just needed some advice from anyone familiar with these E kits and how they compare. I have a chance to buy a used TD6 and have tried out a DTxplorer at the music store. I liked the Yamaha a lot for the price, a fun little kit and sounded decent. I haven't heard too many negative comments about it.

The TD6 I'd be buying is a 2003 model (price is $550, so less than the Yamaha which is $700) so I don't know how it compares - maybe more features but not as up to date. I've had mixed feelings about the TD6 demonstrations I've seen online on YouTube, etc. The toms seem to sound like crap but then most toms do on lower end E kits.

Any input appreciated, just getting back into drumming after a 10 year layoff and with my living situation and budget, this will be all I can afford right now.



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You already pretty much bagged the big Yamaha vs. Roland difference. Yamaha, being they make acoustic drums, sample all their kits into their e-drums. Hence better sounding "real drum sounds". Roland, always a "little" ahead of everyone else, in a very competitive game. Can't go wrong with either kit, really, for the money.