DTX500 Question


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I play hand percussion; Djembe, Cajon, Sabian Hi Hats, 16" Sabian Ozone, 10" Sabian Air Splash. I want to add an electronic kick drum and hi-hat and not use the Sabian hi hats when I have to to play other than where the kit is usually set up. I have just purchased a Yamaha HH65 hi hat pedal and Yamaha KU100 kick pedal. I intend to match these up to a Yamaha DTX500 drum module as soon as I can fine one within my budget.
The kick pedal should be a no brainer. I'm curious if the HH65 will work OK with just the pedal, without a pad. I just want the closed sound, though I understand it has hi-hat effects such as full open, full closed, half open, and foot splash. Thoughts/Comments? Thanks.


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I'm coming from the dtxtreme iis world here so I could be wrong, but ...... aside from foot splash, the purpose of the pedal is to control the sound you get when you strike a (hi-hat) pad (ie full open, half open, full closed). Since you only want full closed, I think you should have gotten a pad to plug into the hi-hat channel and selected a closed hat voice. I don't see how using ONLY a pedal will get you there. But since you already have the pedal, I'd suggest getting a pad to plug into the hi-hat channel, plug the pedal into the hi-hat controller port - then you'll have the full complement of hat sounds available to you. Again, all of this is assuming the dtx500 brain is similar to the dtxtreme brain.