DT Xtreme 3 Hi Hat problems.


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Does anyone have any suggestions??? I have the RHH135 Hi Hat for my DTXtreme 3's. The problem is, they will not give the "open" sound at times and will not give the "closed" sound when the foot pedal is down. Also, when the pedal is pressed down I get multiple triggers. This thing seems to have a mind of its own. I have adjusted the clutch and some of the settings in the brain, but I am new to v-drums and am not sure what I am trying to do. Thanks to anyone willing to help.


A few things you might try

1. Do you have the standard 3 or the special 3?
Press Shift and DrumKit at the same time and make sure you are using a Sp setting if special or a St setting if you are standard

2. (I Have a 4 special edition and not a 3 but this solution is common among Yammie users) you go to "voice" hit the hihat pedal, then press "page" till you get to hhat ofset and bring the value to negative. approx -25. pressure that you applied to hhat pedal becomes less

3. Check your cords and connections

4. Try searching the dtx forums at http://dtxperience.com


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If you still have the problem, I agree; the Yamaha e-forum is a good one for most answers.

You might also consider calling Yamaha support at 1-714-522-9000.

If all else fails, reset to factory settings. Joey