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How many of you drummers out there had the honer of having a drunk fan. It cracks me up, you know you've arrived when you get a drunk fan. I have had many over the years. Share some funny stories.


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Plenty. Sometimes they're fun and silly, and sometimes they're insistent that you pay some attention to them.

Fun and silly: the inebriated girl 3 weeks ago who threw a bra onstage. At the break, when I went to give it back to her, she wanted to make it very clear that she brought it along as a joke. When I told her I didn't believe her, she showed me, in no uncertain method, that she still had one on underneath her blouse. *blush*

The bad: the mumbling drunk dude that same night that I "brushed off" as I rushed to the bathroom right after our set ("Hey, sorry sir, I can't talk right now...gotta go!"). He followed me and complained that my conduct was "not how a patron should be treated by the hired entertainment," and, "just wait until the manager hears about this." The guy was being aggressive and unrelenting, so I apologized and pleaded that he understand my predicament, considering my immediate physiological need to pee for the last half of the set he just enjoyed. I tried to "make it up" to him by asking if he had a song request for the next set, and he stormed off. It could have gone much worse, I feared.


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All the time. Some want to talk shop during breaks. Sometimes it's aggressive dudes insisting on sharing white in the bathroom. Sometimes it's women flashing or showing underwear. Usually they stand in front of the stage watching your every move.

I love it when they send drinks though. I'll make time for those people ;)


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This was in the 70's.It was a really slow Wednesday night,and there was a Marine ,in uniform,drunk as all get out,that decided,after a few hours at the bar,he was going to park his butt at a table in front of the stage and just stare at us,and our bass player in particular

This activity, as well as his continued drinking, went on,till nearly the end of our set.I stood up and grabbed that waitress,who continued to feed him drinks,and who, on a good day,had double digit I.Q.,and told her,this guy was done drinking for the night.

This Marine staff sergeant,then says he wanted to kick the fagot bass players ass,and why don't we play some Johnny Cash,in a thick southern drawl.Now ,we're a straight up rock band,but just for sh*ts and giggles,we learned "Folsom Prision Blues".We had one of those telepathic band meetings,and I counted us in.

After finishing a 10 minute jam of the tune, with a 5 minute guitar solo,the staff sergearnt was happier then freshly slopped hog,and bought us a round of drinks,snapped to attention,in a way that only 6'6" Marines do,and gave his best high ball(that means salute).

Saved by Johnny Cash.After that we never made fun of country western again.

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I've shared the story here before but i had some drum fans approach me who literally were so smashed they didn't know what planet they were on. They told me they just came from a Tesla concert and decided to come to the club and check out our band and continued their journey towards unconsciousness while chanting Tesla lyrics throughout the set. During tear down they asked for a drumstick so i took a sharpie and signed it "thanks for the support, your pal Troy Lucketta."


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Yep, had my share. Usually other drummers who want to talk shop..very loudly. One time a girl who was eye fucking me and buying me drinks all night only to throw up on herself and get dragged out by her friends before our last set was done.

Ahh, the joy of cover bands. sometimes I miss it.


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I finished a long set and someone came up and said I will give you $20 to play a solo. Worse solo of my life but easiest $20 I ever made.

Then there was the person who wanted to play all of the bands instruments. That one was not so fun.

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bear in mind that i've been gigging for... oh my god, a LONG TIME, so, i have lots of stories. how about the time i was playing a club here in bend, and i was doing an open drum solo. the club was packed, and everyone was having a lovely time. well into the solo, i see unexpected movement in front of me. a VERY drunk fan had climbed on stage, and was standing directly in front of me. our eyes met, and he pointed to one of my cymbals. i played it. he pointed to the cowbell, and so on. he proceeded to "conduct' the remainder of my solo, and the crowd went insane!


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Two stories come to mind here.

The first was standing outside of a pretty rough bar where we had just finished playing, haveing outloaded the gear and getting ready to leave, when we were approached by a rather inebriated young woman who proceeded to work her way round the band with a sparkling critique of our individual playing.

She pointed, unsteadily at the lead singer/rhythm guitarist and stated "You were Sh*te".
She did the same with the lead guitarist and the bass player. She then turned to me and made the same gesture adding" You were ferking brilliant".

I still remind the other guys of that one when I feel like bringing them down a peg or two.

The other story related to a gig last year. We play regularly in a bar on one of the islands off the West Coast of Scotland. This particular night the bar, which has a restaurant and a backpackers hostel attached, was full of students from a University Geology course. It was very busy and the students were well oiled by the time we started playing at 10pm. The evening was fairly straight forward until the second part of the second set. I looked up from my kit to find a young woman with her top off and her full "assets" on show. She was then joined by a similarly unclad female and they together proceeded to remove their other clothing until the pair of them were dancing in front of the band as god made them.

I, of course, overted my eyes as soon as I could, only looking back from time to time to see if it was safe to do so...

As we loaded out at the end of the night, we were showered with further items of underclothing from an upstairs window. As we stay overnight in this establishment, it made for an interesting stay that evening.

'nough said...