Drunk machine


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Interesting stuff, & certainly well played. I thought the whole backing was a little bit busy, & that reduced the drive for me. Individual vocal, goes well with the slightly sour guitar riffs.


"Uncle Larry"
I quite liked it, very interesting song. Superb sound coming from my cheap laptop speakers, very good sound quality on the final product there. Your drums sound great. Would like to see a vid of that. Great drum part, very well played and constructed. How long have you been playing drumset?


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Hey! & tnx! :)
i'm playing drums since i was a little boy... i cant even remember :) im 22
for the video - it's on the way :) very soon!

this song is the first single after we got our e.p.
all our songs were recorded and mixed at our homes! without any studio support.
you can hear the e.p. here : www.drunkmachine.com

and we have some vids from our shows at our youtube :)