Drumstick pencils!


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I gave one of the nurses at work a pair of my Regal Tip sticks and he is making me a pen and pencil set with them. Should have them soon.


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cool idea!
my teacher gives us(the class) lectures on how tapping annoys him and all his other little bothers! lol
so it is very hard to keep my feet from doing lamb of god bass patterns! =D

least i am not the only-one who hates him! even the teaching assitant told me he gets on her nerves! ha ha



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My teachers would hate me if I got a pair of these.
That's funny I remember my teacher in 3rd grade telling my mom too only give me 1 pencil because I would drum on the desk of course LOL.

They look cool through if only they were nylon tip just personal preference LOL.



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I was just reading this creative blog, Toxel, when I stumbled upon these!


Drumstick pencils! I know it's been done before, but I just realized the possibilities...

I can just picture myself, in school, drumming on my desk, annoying my teacher, like usual, when all of a sudden, I whip out a pair of these! They need a binder that doubles as a practice pad!

Nice idea hehehehehe