Drumstick Gripping


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Hi guys i have a question about where to hold the drumstick.

1st finger 1st Joint or Second joint? many sites state that it should be held in the 1st joint.

but i feel very uncomfortable holding it there...i prefer 2nd joint


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For my right hand, I find my stick lays in between the 1st and 2nd joint on my index finger and then across the second joint of my middle finger...for most playing. I notice my grip can change a little depending on what I am playing - power vs. speed.

My left hand is traditional grip, in most cases, but when I switch to matched grip, it would be the same as my right.

Developing a good grip is essential, but I think it's a very personal thing. Find one that is confortable and relaxed and you shoud be good!


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i'm with you about the second joint. my stick ends up between the first and second joint of my forefinger most of the time. when i'm playing a closed roll, it's more on the first joint. when i'm playing hard around the toms it's more on the second joint. i share the grip between the index and middle fingers and i try to hang on loosely. in other words, i don't squeeze with any fingers.


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For me it depends on the speed and volume of my playing, but mostly between the first and second joint.


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Way more relaxed at the first joint, usually pretty stiff in the second joint. If I'm playing loud and fast, I'm thinking more about my middle finger - or maybe even ring/pinky - and letting my index fly wherever it wants.