Drumset vibration?


Hello all!

To make a long story short: I can't practice double bass at home! I live in an apartment and, obviously, I can't play my drums because of the noise.

Then, I bought a practice kit and a new problem arose, even though the noise was little, the vibration of the kit made the neighbors go crazy!!!

So now, I was analizing the possibility of buying those rubber drum mutes, the fact is I wanna know if this could really solve the problem of vibration. Also I've been thinking about setting the drums on some sort of anti-vibration carpet or something... and I call it that way because I don't know what could be haha.

Well, any suggestions? Any crazy ideas beside killing my neighbors or buying the whole building?


That thing looks great!
Thanks, I'll see what I can do with that.

But, does someone tried the drum mutes? Do they work well with vibration or they are just to reduce noise?