Drumset Addition


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I need help deciding on a new tom for my drumset. I currently own a 1983 Pearl Masters Maple drumset:

14x6.5 snare
13 tom
14 tom
18 FT
24 bass

I am stuck between a 1 up 2 down or a 2 up 2 down set, but I can't decide if I should keep my 13 or 14 and add a 16 inch FT or sell my 13 and add a 12 inch hi tom, as well as a 16 FT? I'm lost and any help would be greatly appreciated. Ramble on.


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First of all (in my opinion), having both 13 and 14 inch toms isn't going to give you a lot of harmonic contrast between the tones of your drums. So if you are considering selling one, definitely pick one of those. A lot of your setup also depends on the type of music you are in to. Having for example a 13 on top, a 16 and an 18 on the floor is a kick ass rock setup (My rock set up) especially with that fat bass drum of yours. Though if you are playing maybe jazz or funk or latin and want some higher toms to cut through, maybe selling the 13 and getting a 10 and/or 12 inch toms would be better. I personally find having one rack tom more comfortable and for that a 12 inch would be the most versatile. I own 8, 10, 13, 16, and 18 inch toms that all have their different purposes in different setups depending on what I'm playing.