Drums/Cymbals Ratio

Darth Vater

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current kit is a 5 pc. Sonor SQ1 2 up 1 dn, Phonic Reissue snare

cymbals = 2 crash, ride, hats. Sabian HHX Evolution

drums cost 3x as much as cymbals

I have 2 other kits and some cymbals that are in bags right now so they don't count.


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Well i'm not going to count them all, but this is guess the only "0 drums" setup :p
I'm going to take a guess.... ratio of 0:42

Not typically critical of this type of stuff, but this is terrible...the intro sounded like someone testing gongs at the drum shop...the 'bass drum' just like fingernails on a chalkboard. Not a fan.


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Good question SomeBad but after I played this snare (Artisan 13X7 Amboina) a friend had, and gone on and on about it, she surprised me and bought it for me for Xmas. I would have never paid so much for a single snare-but I'm glad she did. I think she said she paid like between $1,200-1,500 new but now I see them a lot less. She was an idiot to pay so much for it but I'd be an idiot not to take it LOL. I've never been fond of deep snares till I played this one. I do think I need to find balance so need a SONOR Delite snare-I hear it's a delight to play.
o_O a friend bought you a $1,200-1,500 snare... 😲 ...I ain't never had a friend like that...lol.



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A. How many cymbals do you have vs how many drums do you have?

B. How much did your cymbals cost vs how much did your drums cost?

(Assumptions: Hi-hats count as two cymbals; cost of hardware goes with drums except cymbal stands go with cymbals or you can just not count the cost of hardware and stands.)
Kit picture on my avatar has 7 drums, 11 cymbals, kit cost $300 (bought it used) rack $ 250 also bought used, Cymbals free (Christmas gift) but I also have another 5 piece kit with 5 cymbals I bought that new $500 and about $500 worth of cymbals and I have an electronic set 5 piece which has 7 cymbals (electronic cymbals) all combined around $ 1500 for the e-kit+cymbals. If I was to combine everything I would have 16 acoustic cymbals (counting 2 pairs of HH as only 2 cymbals plus 8 electronic cymbals (I added the electronic HH which I don't use on the current kit). and 13 acoustic drums ( I added an extra tom that I don't use with the 5 piece) plus 5 electronic drum pads.


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right now - 9 drums. kick , 4 x toms , 4 x snares.
5 cymbals - 14" hats, 16" crash, 2 x 18" crashes, 21" ride

more stuff to come, obviously but yea that's my current setup for now
How do you have room for 4 snares in the current setup? can you send a pic? I've often considered adding a second snare on the right side of the kit...over by the 16" FT...does anyone else do that?


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5 drums, 9-11 cymbals (counting hats as 2) depending on the venue.

cost...I bought the drums (and some of the cymbals from that purchase remain) almost 40 years ago, so the dollar value won't match today's times. I've added a few cymbals since then, swapped out a couple more. What I've actually spent, the drums were more. To replace. it would be far more expensive to replace the cymbals, if I had to replicate either. (Which is part of the challenge I face in buying new cymbals, which I've been itching to do)