Drums/Cymbals Ratio


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A. How many cymbals do you have vs how many drums do you have?

B. How much did your cymbals cost vs how much did your drums cost?

(Assumptions: Hi-hats count as two cymbals; cost of hardware goes with drums except cymbal stands go with cymbals or you can just not count the cost of hardware and stands.)


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Well, I asked one time that question on a forum, maybe this one or DrumForum when I started to buy drums gear because I wanted a justification for having more cymbals than drums. At that time I was around one to 2, so, 2 cymbals for one drums, I was counting my 2 snares, 3 rack Tom, one floor and one kick so, 7 drums...Well, I was not counting Hihat as 2 cymbals, only one.
So, 14 cymbals maybe at that time? Now I'm at 28 but I don't care, I love so much cymbals that I want to play them all the time when I play drums and they require way less space...than full kits...
Also, I have manage to have a lot of them on a rack, front rack only, one stand on the left and two stands on the right...
Ok, I have 8 splashes, do they count for real Cymbals? Or half because they are smaller? But 2 stacks, 2 chinas is luxury as well...I can't put anymore on my drums kit so, I'm done with Cymbals, more and it start to be a collection...much I already have a bit in fact...
Do I plan to bring them at a gig? Well, we do large venues corporate shows and weddings so not more than 7 per year, with 2 roadies all the time, who are light guy and sound guy too...And we use them in a lot of our own twists with the songs we play...
But I agree, it's a bit exaggerated...but it's so cool!!!


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Last time i posted this it was in perfect balance; 11 drums, 11 cymbals (i count hi-hats as one cymbal). But now it's off-balance again because I've added 2 accent cymbals and i'm going to add a thirds crash again. But need to get a new PC-8 clamp for my rack since i can't find the spares i had meaning i'm using them all haha.
And i don't even want to think on how much my stuff costs...


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Are you asking about kit setup, or total pieces owned?

5 piece drum set
6 piece drum set
3 high hats, 12 cymbals

I'm pretty sure the 2 drum sets cost more than the cymbals, but not by much. It's really close.
I don't have too much invested in hardware; most money is in bass drum pedals.
It's all down to what suits you. My favourite setup was a four piece kit with a ride, two crashes, splash and hats. Other people like to have loads of everything. I think it's cool to be able to play on a smaller kit - there are some great videos of Nicko McBrain sounding amazing playing lines that were originally played on a huge kit on a standard 5 piece kit.


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Until very recently I was:
4 drums and 4 cymbals (where the hh top and bottom count as 2 cymbals) - BD, FT, RT, SD and ride, crash, hats.

Now I am:
6 drums and 5 cymbals - BD, FT, RT x 3, SD and ride, crash x 2, hats.

It's hard to price the SD, but my drums and cymbals probably add up to about the same amount of money.

It just boggles my mind how much people must be laying down for cymbals. For example, let's say you play a 5 piece kit, but then have 8-10 cymbals... $$$$...


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9 drums
6 cymbals (Hats, crash, ride, stack)
Drums cost more.
I didn't add hardware.


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8 drums: 2 kicks, main snare, 3 toms, 2 side snares
6 cymbals: hats, 20 ride, 18 ride, 16 crash, 11 splash
Cost ratio drums to cymbals 2:1 (I never pay street price for a cymbal on principle--I only buy demos, specials, used)
Hardware is easily an extra $800 or so

C.M. Jones

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Four drums: snare, bass, tom, and floor tom. The kit is a Pearl Session Studio Select.

Four cymbals: hi-hat, ride, and two crashes. All cymbals are of Zildjian's A Avedis series.

The above configuration covers everything I do.


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I only play four drums. My cymbals are currently five (hats, ride, China, two crashes). At church the cymbals are seven (hats, ride, China, splash, three crashes). With my gear the drums cost more than the cymbals. Peace and goodwill.


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3 sets of 4 drums + 4 reserve toms(usually just packed away until I play at Carnegie Hall! 😆😆😆🤧)
2 sets of Saluda 16” & 18” , 1set Paiste pst7 same sizes + pstx
4 sets of HH, 2 of which are cheap combos of 12” splashes for xhats
So I think drum$$$ is more than cymbals


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Usually, it's four and four (ride, hats, crash), but three and three (ride, hats) a lot if I'm playing out. Cymbals are worth more, but then I've found I can get a passable sound out of most drums with a little tlc, but I need good sounding cymbals.


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8 cymbals to my 5 drums.
Between splashes, china's & a Rocktagon, cymbals offer me colors to the canvas that my drums can't do. So I go heavy on the metal. 🤘 🤘


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Drums, I have a total of 10 at my disposal. I usually only play 5, maybe 6.

Cymbals, I have 8 if hats count as 2. One is not being played currently.

All total I have less than $1000 in everything. I got my vintage Pearl kit and 4 cymbals (Turkish K, old unknown ride, cheap hats) at a garage sale for $125. I traded a small end table and unused golf clubs for 3 more cymbals (Sabian ride, Paiste hats). Bought a 12" Wuhan china for $25. Bought my Midtown kit new for ~$400. Probably spent about another $350 in necessary hardware. That's it. The garage sale kit came with cases also.


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Drums in current setup: 11
Cymbals in current setup: 15 (if counting hats as 2 and a stack as 2)


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I own more drums and cymbals than I use at any given time. Typical setup is 4 piece drums with ride, 2x crash/crash-rides, and hi-hats.

Yes, using the number of pieces as the base, my cymbals (all Meinl Byzance) cost more than the drums. Probably 2 to 2.5 times more.


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My set up changes all the time. I'll leave the electronics side out of the equation.

I have 8 kits ..... total in drums about $8000.

I have 30+ cymbals ..... total in cymbals about $5000.

With a 4 piece kit, the smallest cymbal array I run is 4 cymbals. (hats, ride, 2 crashes)

My "default" set up is a 5 piece kit (1 rack, 2 floors) with 5 cymbals (hats, ride, 3 crashes)

About the "largest" kit I've run, in recent times, is an 11 piece ..... with 6 cymbals (hats, ride, 6 crash)

Vapor Trail

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Current kit:
9 drums
10 cymbals (I count hihats as 1).

I see virtues in playing either larger or smaller kits. Both serve a purpose. Neither should be judged as "wrong." For me, a prog head, I like having various pitches available on the toms and enjoy running fills around the kit. Just a personal preference.

Drums were more expensive.