drums and wood panels


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I am creating a room to keep my drums in. The room is concrete on 3 of the 4 walls and the ceiling is concrete also. I notice that some recording studios have wood panels in the recording areas. I was thinking of using a cypress wood paneling to cover the walls. Does wood absorb sound well? What would be a better alternative than wood if there is one?


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Wood is softer than concrete and will absorb sound better. Foam will absorb more since it is softer yet, and foam with angles and will absorb the most or at least deflect sound to keep down on echoes


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You need a mixture of hard and soft surfaces to control sound.
Put the wood on the walls and add other materials as needed.
Experiment until the room works for you.
I find that an average furnished room like a living room with its soft chairs and curtains, etc works best for sound control.


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If you budget is like mine (low) you could put some moving blankets on the wall to cover the concrete and deaden the sound. Mine are just hanging on screws so the whole thing on ly took an hour and it looks like a room a little. I was able to buy 12 moving blankets for about $100 online. Light blue one side/dark on the other.