Drumnetics 3XF coming soon


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Very neat design, magnet technology is something I never imagined being used in drumming but it makes a lot of sense. He's definitely put a lot of time, thought and engineering into these pedals. Hope to be able to try one some day. Is the footboard angle independently adjustable from the beater? Any clue what the price is going to be on them?


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Superb concept and a real breakthrough.
Better to not check those pedals out, you might get hooked ;-)

If anything, I'd suggest making the footplate a bit wider - for folks using swivel motion.
(Once you have full control swivel will also work on narrow/regular footplates but some more width makes it easier.)
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Cost - not sure. I got mine for under $300 a couple years ago. Considering the USA made, aluminum competition (Trick, Axis) I'd say the Drumnetics prices will be competitive, for sure.

Arky, Mike had a reason for the width of his footboards. I can't think of it now. I have a 14EEE foot and while I do not use the swivel technique I have plenty of room to "dance" on the board. He also worked with the common configuration of the pedal board on the outside of the heel. He decided to reverse that and place the board inside the heel and felt it works better for the design. It'll also work cool when he gets into designing a longboard.