drumming to inspire.


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me and a drumming friend of mine have decided to start a percussion duo. using our kits of course but also random things such as car wheels exhaust pipes and buckets and what not. then i started thinking this would be a great thing to take to schools. something motivational for kids to see. the only thing is im not sure how to get the momentum going on something like that. i dont know if some one in charge of a school would be willing to listen to a 19 year old kid with a lot of tattoos who just looks a little rough. i want it to be something positive to give back to kids. drumming has done so much for me and inspired me and i feel like i need to give back to drums if that makes sense. anyone who has ever done anything like this or that might have any suggestions at all would be great.


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My ex is a public school choral teacher....let me ask her for some advice on how to get something like this started and into the schools.

You can also try steelpan, timbales as they play in the Caribean islands. Regarding your tattoos be proud of them!

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oh man im insanely proud of them. just some people still look down on them. but im not looking for peoples approval about the way i look ive just been thinking for the past couple of days of how i want to get out and inspire people through playing drums. whether i inspire them to pick up an instrument or whatever else. i just think it would be very fun.