Drumming Tattoo?


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Anyone here have, or thinking of getting, a drum related tattoo.

Some people just get tattoos because they want attention. I've never gotten one yet because I've never thought I had a god enough reason to. But then I realized how big a part of my life drumming has been all these years. The fun I've had, the confidence it's brought me to finally be able to get up in front of a very large group of people, the great friends and lasting memories I've made in my marching years (Especially marching for the University of Pittsburgh Drumline).....and yes even the chicks it's gotten me :p.

So I've been thinking that for my 23rd birthday I'm finally gonna go through with it. And I want to get the first two bars of the Immigrant Song on my right upper arm. It was the first beat I ever learned to play on a kit (I had a pretty awesome teacher)

Show your drum inspired ink, or share ideas here


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I got my first tat at 44. Make sure it is art that you can live with forever. Hulloh!?!?! Check out the artist well!!! If you are in Maryland/]Pennsylvania you can check out the artist, Rob Massimiano, at http://www.tidewatertattoo.com/.............great!

You will not be disappointed.

I am going to get another "musical" tattoo on my right arm/bicep soon. I have 3 really nice tats!


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I say if it's that important to you you should get it. And don't be afraid to get creative with your idea. Check out artist's portfolios and find one who's style you like. Any good artist should be able to make what you're imagining come out right.

Here's a picture of mine- My friends call me a jukebox because I'm always singing. You can call it a "drum" tattoo because I got a version of theshuffle from Rosanna wrapping around it, even though you can't really see it all in the pic. I got that one because it's a little bit nostalgic. I used to listen to that song before I played the drums and liked it. And now through drumming I realize how much that shuffle made the song what it is.

I have a total of six tattoos on both of my arms, each one has its story. My seventh tattoo will be drum related due to I'm a passionate drummer. Remember tattoos are forever, be sure what do you want on your skin to be proud of.

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I have a whole bunch of tattoos, 11 I think...
I have been wanting some drumming ink for a while, but I can't figure out what I want it to look like. I did end up getting some music notes on my left arm. Right now I have 4, but I plan on getting at least 4 more of them...

This photo was taken after I got the first music note done...



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I have 4 tattoos. Didn't get my first until I was 40. Only advice I would give is to really think about what you want. Don't just settle for the first one you see. It took me months to choose my first. Remember, they are with you FOREVER!

This one isn't really a drumming one, but is my music related tattoo. Triumph's song Magic Power has always meant a lot to me so this is what I came up with....I have seriously thought about adding a pair of crossed drum sticks above it. It's on my left calf.



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I hate to say this but...big business is still,and will probably remain, fairly conservative.At least in the US.The point is tatoos are not totally accepted,so if you're going to get one,get in a place that can be covered up.

I know it sounds stupid,but I know of a few individuals that weren't hired,or promoted because of tats.There aren't a lot of CEO's of fortune 500 companies with face tats.Just don't think about the artwork,think about placement.

And yes,I have a tat.:)

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