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I like to wear my converse all stars (high tops). I hate wearing my skate shoes because they are so fat that I cannot get the damn pedals to go fast.


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musiciansfriend sells some drumming shoes. i wear a thin pair of pumas but often i do work in flip flops.
wow they look brilliant i gotta get my self a pair, but i have seen some exactly like them but they are not persificaly drumming shoes there athletic shoes but with out the spikes they are litrually identical !!!!


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I wear some DCs and some Vans when I play.
Nice tight shoes work great. You have full control and it doesn't feel like theres a delay. If thats the right way to describe it.


I've been playing in my socks, but I've got airwalks that have thin soles. Played with them a few times, and it feels pretty good, but I prefer just socks.
Togg - you still out there? How did the dancing shoes turn out?

I began in socks/barefoot at home but had then been told to get used to working in shoes. There has also been suggestions - even by some members on this site though not this thread - that barefoot could be injurious though my injuries usually seem to be from something other than drumming.

Since I live in north-central US (Minnesota) with the temp below freezing half the year I should probably say: Bunny Boots.


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back in the day I used to enjoy playing with shoes similar to these but in white. They were
quite popular with the rock crowd. Made by a company called Capezio



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Indoor soccer shoes, their not bulky and they are light with enough support needed for working the pedals.


i go with some skate shoes vans, dc, etc and tie them on the tighter side. good grip but not to much.
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I generally go with wathever's on my feet. For the most time, it's skate-type sneakers, such as these:

This winter I bought these shoes for cold and wet weather and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that they are perfectly suited for playing too:

I tried playing in sandals too, as I wear them most of the time in the summer, but the beaters hit the top of my foot which got pretty painful after a while. Ever since I avoid wearing them when I'm about to play.


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I use Fine Leather Penny Loafers....or for extra "No Grip" on the heel, I use HEELYS (Those little shoes with the wheels on the heel). They really help with my heel slide technique...

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm kidding. I play with whatevers on my feet at the time. Though I do play in dress shoes quite often (church drummer).

what the funk of it

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Nice legs Baddstuff. Ow Ow!

I gig with shoes, practice with socks. I know, it can't be good. It's a different feel entirely, shoes are just easier so I get by. I'm still in the market for a good pair thats not too wide.

Chucks look like the way to go.


Wal-mart tennis shoes...no arch support or padding for max flexibility/grip.