Drumming related New Years Resolutions/ Drum Goals for 2020

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Consolidate and incorporate the few things I learned this past year, my first full year of really trying to learn drumming.
Concentrate on accents.
Play at speed the excercise pages my teacher gave me so he will believe I can read and teach me something other than excercise pages.
Play at the Vanguard Tulsa, Ok with the band i am in.


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My resolutions :
No new Drum set or cymbal purchases in 2020 - this doesn’t take into account the Sonor Protean snare and 13” Noble and Cooley Horizon Tom I ordered in 2019 .

I want to stick with what I have currently . I am happy with my gear now and just want to stick with what I have after my major purge of 2019.

I also want to get back into more serious personal study with special emphasis on
Gary Chester’s The New Breed book
John Ramsay’s Art Blakey Book and Alan Dawson books.
I also want to Work more on hand and foot technique .


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I think the first goal is to get back into doing serious double kick work. I want to be able to play a Martin Lopez-era Opeth record all the way through without cramping; either Blackwater Park, Deliverance, or Ghost Reveries. On my 5000s. Probably means I should start running or something.

And I want to play in Nashville and New York gulldurnit.
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went to a party both years. Had a great time, thanks. But reality being what it is, one was a celebration of the year before and the following of the actual millennium passing. And all because there was no year zero.

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