Drumming Gloves are useless


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This has been a game changer for me. I tried gloves, I couldn't stand not feeling the sticks. Each roll covers two sticks.

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No I'm not a glove guy and never an unwanted issue.
I have thick callouses on my hands which actually sort of makes them slick but it's not an issue anymore but use to bug me, and my feet you can drive nails in them from a lifetime of going barefoot-also have them between my left big toe and next from holding hi hat chain. I don't fight it anymore and just let the stick slide around in play-seems to find it's best spot moving towards tip and then it may move to I'm holding it on end. I tried the rubber coated but that coating slowly tears off tiny black powder that gathers in edge of snare and dampens it I found. Never tried gloves-but wore them playing golf and archery years ago so I can see the benefit for drums I guess. Some sticks are more slippery than others-if they are really shiny that's a hint-I've used fine grit sandpaper to dull the gloss a bit on one slippery pair, but generally don't find it a problem no mo.


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I have constant pain in both hands, a combination of many years doing construction work in my previous life and heredity. My thumbs especially have arthritis and tendonitis, aggravated by yard work and other endless household chores.
I’ve never owned or even tried on a pair of drummer gloves (never thought of back when I was playing outside in the cold but thinking that it could help with the pain.
If anyone can recommend a thin leather glove for such a purpose, I would appreciate it.

Neal Pert

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I've never tried drum gloves. I can barely bring myself to wear winter gloves.

But the old "Trick my mom's boss by posing as my mom's hot young husband?" I mean, who hasn't done that every couple months?


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Aren't callouses a telltale sign of gripping the stick too hard?

I was always taught that this is to be avoided.

Gloves, condoms, same problem.