Drumming Gloves are useless

I’ve occasionally had to wear them on some Saint Patrick’s day parades in NYC when it was so cold i couldn’t feel the sticks in my hands . They have their place if you’ve got hand pain, blisters, tendinitis, nerve problems or other medical conditions or you have to play outside in extreme cold .


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For a brief period about fifteen years ago I wore them to avoid blisters and improve grip. Within a week's worth of gigs I had worn a hole right through the right glove in two places at the pivot points. My grip felt great in them, but they just didn't hold up any other way to actual playing.


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I've never used drumming gloves and have no desire to try them. Bare handed works fine for me. Why tamper with perfection? 😉


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Have been using drum gloves since the day I discovered them, around 2007, no kidding. It just works for me, I haven't got the opportunity or the time to practice every day, so when I do practice once a week with my band, hard hitting heavy/thrash metal, I have 3 options: Taping up almost every finger with sportstape (gives me even less movement than gloves), gloves or serious blood blisters that affect me for days after a gig, a practice session even. And no, it is not a technique issue, playing the style I do the way I do, it simply happens. Look at guys like Mario Duplantier, Aquiles Priester, Tom Hunting, Jason Bittner, and several others. Try telling these guys that gloves are useless... Not comparing myself to them, but there are several pro, metal drummers at least, who use gloves regularly. I would never use them playing softer styles of music though, I wouldn't need it. Hard hitting, fast paced music... Yes. I'm just glad they still make them, seeing how they are so much out of favor by the regular drummer.
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As a Moeller disciple, gloves are the antichrist as are sticks with any kind of rubbery grip. That's just me though. Please take that as tongue in cheek.

More than one way to skin a cat and there's far more successful drummers than I that use them. If you get really sweaty hands I can see you'd look at gloves.


Thirty bucks?..way too much..
I use sticky nitrile builders gloves with the tips cut off....0.90$...works fine.


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I wore gloves out of necessity for about a month. It was like protected sex..still loved drumming but that extra relationship between...you get the point.


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I'd love to hear Buddy Rich's commentary on drummer gloves, just to hear him rant

Does anyone who plays traditional grip use gloves?

I can't say I've seen it. Someone MUST do it somewhere.
I use to wear gloves but I stopped after my mom kept forcing me to wear them at gigs with her boss, who I don’t even respect.

In all seriousness I wore an orthopedic glove on my right hand for years after my partial hand amputation as it was the only way I could drum. A learning process at first but it did not get in the way of making music and being in demand. Of course they’re not ideal but I’ll wear thin gloves for a cold outdoor gig no problem.

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Yes. In hot and humid conditions gloves (the correct gloves) have very much helped me hang on to my sticks.
I prefer not to wear gloves, but my multiple long shows schedule is sporadic. No gigs for months, then a whole bunch in a row.
If I have blisters gloves have absolutely saved the day.
Hello Chris

Am I correct that you wore gloves during the DS tour and not on the Paul McCartney tour? Cause MK wanted you to play ludicrous loud?

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the OP is just joking right? He pretended to be his moms husband? he then wears the gloves inside out an is now an authority on how bad drum gloves are?? is anyone really buying any of this?? i do think drum gloves are stupid though.