Drumming enthusiasm.


I thought I might leave some of my opinons on what Ive seen from the "drum world" lately.

I love the drumming to the Kid Rock song thats in the charts at the moment, i dont know who the drummer is, but the playing on it is so simple and yet really funky. that fill he does is so wierd but goes so well, its like he does an offbeat stroke or and up stroke or something, but whatever i love it. i also love the snare sound, i wonder what snare he used for the track and maybe they processed the sound, but it does sound wierd, it got me wondering what the snare shell must be made from, perhaps copper?!?!

the drummer for Amy Whinehouse seems to have changed?? maybe the other drummer got annoyed with her drunkeness.

jay zees drummer-his latest, who is he? He looked scarily good live. and listening to his album some of the drum things he does on it seems crazy. i think hes underrated.

Im just also gonna mention Ronnie Vannuchi for the Killers, i have to for his technique. sooo good.

i was also wondering if anyone has heard any tracks lately where a drummer is absolutely shredding the kit?? i havent heard any stuff like that for a while and am getting fed up of putting buddy rich on repeat all the time.


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