Drumming DVDs


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/\ I soooo want to get that DVD... One of my heroes.

Otherwise, Jojo Mayer's DVD is where I'm at right now...


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Sanchez is sublime. I don't have his master class dvd, but y'all should check out Pat Metheny's THE WAY UP. It really showcases his enormous talent.


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An in-depth look into the awe-inspiring drumming of a modern drum hero, What Drives The Beat shows just why Jason Bittner is one of the most popular drummers on the planet!
The new, three-hour DVD from Hudson Music is the two-time Grammy nominee and multiple readers poll winner’s first full-length solo video project and features a wealth of performance and instructional content aimed at aspiring young metal players but applicable to many styles, ages and ability levels.
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It's true...

If you don't own The Way Up, buy it. It's ridiculous. There's a section where he's playing one of those big shakers (not sure what they're called, like a gourd with beads on the outside).

Then he turns around and piffs it across the room, picks up the sticks and goes wild... Love it.


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I've really gotten into drum DVDs over the past year or two and have built a nice collection.

Often, late on, after my young son goes to bed, I'll put a DVD on my PC, plug in the headphones so I can play it loud, and crack open a beer.

I find it really helps me unwind after a day at work - and I really believe my playing has improved.

There's so much fantastic information on these DVDs, that even if you take just one lick, idea, approach, philosphy from each one, you can't help but improve.

The only problem is here in the UK, they cost megbucks, due to import/shipping costs. Often they can cost £40.

Anyway, the DVDs I've really gone back to a lot are, among others, Modern Drummer Festival 2006, Steve Smith Standing On The Shadow of Giants, John Blackwell, Greg Bisonette and Jojo Mayer.

Can't wait for Modern Drummer 2008 to see Gavin Harrison, Simon Phillips, Todd Sucherman, Thomas Pridgen and the rest...


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Steve Smith
Drum Legacy, Standing on the Shoulders of Gaints
The Art of Playing with brushes

Pat Petrillo
Hands, Grooves and fills

Antonio Sanchez
Master Class


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I just received "Stuff--Live @ Montreaux 1976" (with a very hairy Steve Gadd) and I can't wait to check it. I've seen clips before but not the entire performance.



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All of the Modern Drummer Festival DVDs are pretty awesome. You get a good healthy sampling of everybody.


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John Mayer - "Where the Light is" w/Steve Jordan... Nicely shot DVD - When the Trio plays, there are lots of shots of Steve absolutely kicking that band. The third set, with JJ Johnson doesn't have the same camera coverage, but he's also great.

Billy Ward's "Big Time" and "Voices in my Head" I worked on these DVDs with Billy, and unlike a lot of projects that I do, I can still watch these over and over and get great info from Billy's teaching.

"The Groove is Here" - Steve Jordan A thoughtful, entertaining and musical DVD - must have for anyone...


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Muckster - What is your experience with this DVD so far?

I got the video to get hip on left foot clave' and you certianly get that with this dvd. he covers technique, ostinatos and time signatures very well too. There are tons of playing examples. This is a dvd that is to be played over and over. I definately recommend it.

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Here's a shocker -

Neil Pearts' "Anatomy of a Drum Solo"

Just a great DVD, that really breaks down the "solo" itself. And, you gotta admit, he's definitely a brainiac when it comes to his interpretations and explanations. He's an absolute genius.

Well Done! ;-)