Drumming Barefoot or in Socks?

I can and have played in all kinds of shoes, occasionally barefoot, but prefer and have mostly played in socks. As some have said , I have better feel and with better feel comes better control, touch and and so ....... confidence in my playing . But this is what works for me and may not be a fit for everyone . Whatever works for the individual is best . I just take off whatever footwear I happen to be wearing and place next to or behind my throne.
Weird bump, but I'll give it a run. I started playing barefoot when i was a teen. It was summer vacation and i was pretty much a barefoot kind of guy. I would get up, grab a coffee and head to the practice room. After awhile it just felt natural. Forever after shoes have felt weird. Barefoot is way better for heel-toe doubles. As to where your shoes go, they go behind you with your watch and cell phone. Hell, when i was younger i used to walk around the bar with no shoes.


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I play barefoot. I'd prefer to play in socks but my feet slide down the pedals. I want to get used to playing in shoes. Not being able to feel the pedals just feels odd.


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Hospital socks with the rubber grippers on the bottom would work for the barefoot guys who would rather wear socks. They grip pretty good.


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At home: barefoot.
Rehearsal/gig: Chucks.

Making music should be approached like making love - with passion, determination and never, ever, in socks.


Nice necroposting, whoever dug this one up..

I used to wear shoes when I played, but then about a year ago I got a tattoo on my foot and couldn't wear shoes for a couple weeks, and I discovered that I felt like I had a lot more control without shoes. Also, before, I would want to always have the same pair of shoes because different shoes felt different, so that was kind of a pain having to have a certain pair of shoes if I wanted to play. So now I only play in socks, which I always have no matter what shoes I'm wearing, and it always feels the same and it feels great.

I know a punk drummer who won't play in shoes or socks, just plays completely barefoot. Also a gospel drummer who plays in shoes. It's a personal preference.


Hospital socks with the rubber grippers on the bottom would work for the barefoot guys who would rather wear socks. They grip pretty good.
The thing I like about socks is that they don't grip. I want my feet to be able to slide around freely.

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For serious playing it's always barefoot. I hate wearing anything on my feet unless I have to because of weather.

Sitting in for a few songs at a jam or something I'd probably still have my shoes on, though. Don't really want the crap under other people's shoes anywhere else.

I'll dress up too if I have too, but I take the shoes off when behind the kit. My DW9000s are pretty flat, so they don't really wear on the socks at all.