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Does anyone here use apps for their drumming practice or performance? I have an iPhone so all the apps I use are iPhone apps. The ones I use are:

live BPM- This one detects the tempo of any music being played that it hears through the phone's microphone and displays the BPM. It works really well for 4/4. For 6/8 it gives you some wacky tempo, like what the tempo would be if you were playing in 4/4 but playing triplets instead of 8th notes or something, so there can be some work figuring out what number you're aiming for. I use this during shows, on a music stand, to keep us on tempo and make sure we aren't speeding up or slowing down too much.

Anytune- This one is for practicing, you can get a song file and then it lets you slow it down or speed it up, and also set a loop to play the same part of the song over and over again. I'm sure there are other functions of this app but this is what I use it for- to slow a recording down and/or listen to one part of it over and over again.

Drumtune Pro- I can't tune my drums, so my friend who's also a drummer recommended this to me. It detects the pitches and basically tells you if all your lugs are tuned to the same pitch.

Clearly I like using apps. Does anyone else have any apps they use so I can check them out?


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Use them in practice.
I use Pro Metronome as well as Soundbrenner.
Gonna check out Drumtune Pro. Thanks!


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Have you heard of SnareTools? You can input rhythms into it and play them back. It will also also generate random exercises for you to try. You can save rhythms as well. It’s great! FYI: I wrote it :)


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I use "LiveInLoops" - free (unless you pay for more tracks), but buggy I find.
SoundBrenner as an metronome
TuneBot Tuner - For storing settings


I use the Drumtune Pro for tuning drums to specific notes (alongside a TuneBot and a Drum Dial) and I have just bought a SoundBrenner Pulse which works with the free metronome app - review here :)


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I use the early free version of Drumtune with a drum dial to tune now my hearing is so poor. Works great on everything but kick. For the same reason the Anytune app sounds real interesting to me to help learn drum parts so going to check that out. Interesting thread thanks.


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I like Beat Looper. It can be used as a metronome, and to also program rhythms. It's cool because if you have a difficult time playing a beat, you can just program and cycle it until you get it. It only does 4/4 and 3/4 though, so if you need something more complex it won't work.


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I use Pro Metronome with the Peterson Body Beat and Live BPM. When playing live I don't use the Body Beat, just the Pro Metronome for set lists and beginning tempo that shuts off after a couple measures along with Live BPM for monitoring tempo.

Mr Farkle

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iDrumTune... I recently started using the resonant tuner to tune to the recommended 1.5. It makes the toms sound beautiful. I like a nice open tone so YMMV.

I use Transcribe+ to slow and loop audio and OPlayer to do the same with video.

Tempo for a metronome. PolyNome looks fantastic but at $9 (or $22 for pro) I haven’t taken the plunge.

CPlus for Craigslist. This is a great app for browsing Craigslist that allows you to save searches, save favorites and hide the unwanted. Technically it’s not drum specific but I have purchased pretty much all of my gear from Craigslist using that app. I live in a very active Craigslist area so that helps.


I also use Anytune but it does not work with Apple Music. Unless I buy the song which defeats the purpose of having the subscription. Can anyone recommend a free App that slows down the tempo and works with apple music?


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I love liveBPM. I dusted off the sticks after a long time away so it's helped quickly center my time again by just keeping an eye on things. Works really well.
I also use:
soundbrenner - basic metronome
beatmirror - Will do a count off of a tempo you set and then monitor your tempo once the count off stops. Great tool for practicing intro's and breaks in tunes.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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It's not the best or greatest sounding thing in the world, but I use drumbit quite a lot lately. It's great when working with kids and you just want to find something where they can start feeling a pulse without using a busy 4 on the floor song, but keep it simple and work with tempos.

It basically just gives what I used to have in my DR-5, but much quicker and easier to use. Kids and parents can learn to use it in no time as well without spending anything.

As metioned not the best sounding, but I can use th e online version from any laptop. 2 seconds and you ahve something useful.

DrumJam's got great sounds, so if they have an additional feature with this type of simple drum machine setup I'd probably never need anything else for this.