Drumming and fitness!


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As I’ve long suspected.. drumming really keeps you in shape! Its long been my only reason for staying in shape all these years.. Because I am basically a slug otherwise. From the lifting and stretching involved in moving and setting up equipment.. to the cardio involved in playing high energy music for 3 hours during a show or practice. Now I have proof.. and new motivation for staying fit.

I recently tried a FitBit that i was gifted a few years ago.. but never got around to it. Finally, concerned about getting too sedentary.. I downloaded the manual and the app and started tracking daily steps, sleep, heart rate, etc. and yes - drumming has a huge net benefit! The stats are amazing.. I’m hooked on it now and try to get my minimum 10k steps a day.. and improved sleep.
As a side benefit I started adding drum practice to my once spotty fitness workout routine.. which is a real motivator. Now I’ll do somethimg like 15 minutes of click practice with various tunes from my setlists while singing the lyrics in my head.. or rudimental improv or whatever .. then elliptical or weights or walking.
Before.. i wasn’t motivated to do either drum practice or workout. Now I look forward to doing both — thanks to the wristband tracker. Win- Win!
yep....the only thing that matches my bike riding and hockey playing numbers is my drumming, especially when I am working on my double bass, and fast playing
I ride my bike around my hilly community at least once a day for 30 minutes - so it’s light cardio for me - but I feel so much better when I keep that up. Schlepping and playing doesn’t seem like such a chore and I tend to stay alert and awake all day too. Physical activity any form is better than none at all. Good for you bro!
Schlepping and playing doesn’t seem like such a chore
Thanks - and that's very true! I did Yoga weekly for 5 years.. and never had a back ache or other ailment.. then stopped when I moved and 5 years later and a pandemic of isolation - I turned into a sloth - with back, neck, chest aches, periodic physio etc.
The hardest part for me is finding the motivation to get going and stay active.. I've heard that once you pass the 5 week threshold of regular activity you can't stop!