Drumming and dogs


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Does anyone's dog also hate it when you drum? Mine does.

If he is in the basement with me, he will but his head under my arms, and bite my forearm until I stop playing. It is quite funny.

Red Menace

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My Chihuahua mix , I call him Nacho, was actually a stray before I got him. He is not scared by lightning, fireworks, loud noises or of course drums, just the oven and the cat.


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I'm still in the beginner practice pad stage, but as soon as my chocolate lab Rambo hears me start tapping, he runs upstairs and tries to bite my sticks. He thinks they're toys. We'll have to see how he reacts when I get my first set and start playing on it!

Anthony Amodeo

my boy....seen in my avi.....used to bark when I would play
now he would just lay in the room and take a nap if I brought him in while practicing.....but I would not subject his ears to that

Big Foot

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My dog, Jack, would come down and try to hang with us while we played. Like most Goldens they just want to be with you.
The sound levels didn't seem to bother him but I'm sure it did so I wouldn't let him hang around.

Anon La Ply

My dog would rather tolerate the noise than be alone but I feel restricted and paranoid of volume when she's in the room. So I send her out.

She barks at wind instruments, though, and especially goes bonkers when I play didgeridoo. You'd think it was frequency but how do you compare the tones of a didge, Balinese flute and bicycle squeeze horn? Must be the voicing of the attack ... (?)


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I have a bass player friend who has a kelpie. I went to his place for a rehearsal and when I started to play the dog ran out of the room, then ran back in and peed right on the carpet in front of the kit. Freaked him out. And to this day whenever I go around to my friends place the dog, when he sees me, rolls onto his back and pees on himself. We don't rehearse there anymore.


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I have three dogs. One is deaf, so he doesn't care. The other two don't mind my drums too much, but they like to keep their distance.


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Does anyone's dog also hate it when you drum? Mine does.

If he is in the basement with me, he will but his head under my arms, and bite my forearm until I stop playing. It is quite funny.
HA! Funny.

I had a corgi once and for some reason, he liked to lay right in front of my bass drum. He'd just get accustomed to noise and sleep right in the middle of practice.

One day, all was quiet and he was sleeping in front of the bass drum. I snuck behind the set and made a gigantic four-limbed crash. The dog bent his body sideways into a perfect upward U shape, then instantly bent it back into an upside-down U, flipping himself several feet off the ground. He made a mid-air quarter-roll and landed on his feet and ran out of the room.

He never did sleep anywhere near the drums again.


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When I start playing , my basset hound goes as far as he can from that room. But when the band comes in to rehearse , he stays right between my legs , between double bass and snare drum , so.........


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Years ago, I had a basset-corgi shelter dog. My drum room was just off the family room, and I closed the door when I played, so I didn't know what was going on outside the room. The first time he experienced me playing, he tore down the patio door vertical blinds, knocked the throw-pillows off the couch, and he pooped on the wall - I swear to God HE POOPED ON THE WALL!


My dog Baxter loves the drums for some reason. Sometimes he'll lie down near the bass drum while I'm practicing. I lighten up on my foot so I don't damage his hearing but if he says there too long I have to make him move or leave the room for his own good.

Sometimes he comes in and barks along. What's scary is that recently he's been barking in correct time to the beat.

Sometimes....he just stares at me



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Every dog I've had has loved when I play my drums, but I've always been worried about its damage to their ears (because I know how much drumming has damaged mine for crying out loud) so I always put them outside when I play.

So in a sense they do howl and complain when I play, but only because they're angry about the temporary exile. (Not that I even hear them, but the wife tells me. Boy, does she tell me.)

I'm thinking that your dog is better off not being too close when you play anyway.

Beam Me Up Scotty

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My dog and cat both tolerate the drumming, for lack of a better term I guess.
Both of them vacate the room and go upstairs if the drumming starts, but it doesn't scare either of them. It is funny though; if they see me simply sit behind my kit, they just run out :)


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Ya'll are lucky! My boxer/greyhound mix doesn't mind it, but my husky does one of two things.
Either starts tearing stuff up or sits in front of me and howls. Not like a "hey, I'm singing along" cute thing either. More like "for the love of God, please stop."