Drummerworld Merch


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I've been here a long time. You've been here for some time as well.

I see the banner asking for donations to the site, which is great to keep our free community thriving and well... free, for us.

What about the idea of putting out some merch. T-shirts, long sleeves, coffee mugs, mouse pads...

Hell, go all out KISS style and put out some lunch boxes and make a Christmas special as well.

I'd buy it.


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I would also partake....there is a spot for a DW sticker on the truck

IMG_3027 copy.jpg


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Would it be a cylinder or typical coffin shaped, and what heads would you put on it?
Damn, I never even thought of that- get buried in an overgrown bass drum maybe?

As for the heads I'd happily be buried with these to put a cap on the cylinder (plus stay away from clear heads for the mourners sake) 😬



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That wall is terrifying lol

yeah...it has been like that since the 70's. They painted it like that so they could find their garage when coming down the alley. Nice old couple now. The guy is the "neighborhood mayor" type. Vietnam Vet Marine. They bought the house when he got back.


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The good Lord knows I do not need any more T-shirts, but I would buy one or two of them. Peace and goodwill.