DrummerWorld International Conference


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Well, here's a concept from my lofty-headed teenager mind:

DrummerWorld holds a conference, in some city, somewhere, and it effectively brings together drummers from different parts everywhere. Different genres could have their own booths, contests could be held, jam sessions with some house guitarists and bassists and singers, the like.

The DW discussion forum could have its own little area, and it could be a good platform for spreading around different styles and increase "drumming awareness".

Even more, drummers on the DrummerWorld "artist list" could show up, although not all at once obviously.

What does DW think of my concept? Would it be awesome or would it be awesome?


Good idea, so long as you come to London, England first, save me jumping on a plane.


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Not a bad idea. Both KIS and Larryace owe me a beer :p Pretty hard to get everyone to one place though.