DRUMMERWORLD HELP PLEASE: can you check this video!!!



FireFox 3, Flash Player 10 (I think, or 9) running OS X 10.4.11 on an older iMac. No problems at all.


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No problem on a newish Macbook pro ( safari )... quite good actually /better than quicktime


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Mac OS 10.4.11 - Flash up-to-date. Running nicely on both Firefox and Safari. Flash is so much more elegant than Quicktime for embedded stuff, eh Bernhard?


FF3 on XP. Running fine.

Great Vid btw. thanks for posting it Bernhard!


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My computer is not a fan.

iBook G4 (which is probably the problem, this thing is getting old) OSX 10.4.1 in FF3.

Very choppy, whereas Quicktime still goes fine for me. Don't base anything on this unless others come up with problems.


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wow, great video. too bad i cant spend any money on drum stuff right now, i'd get the dvd.

works well, firefox, windows xp


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I thought it worked much better than the Quicktime, actually...
I'm running FireFox on my laptop, Windows Vista.


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I'm completely happy to see, that almost everybody has macs...

So i need also some more windows statements - or is it not running there...should be 90% of the users??

Thanks a lot my drummerfriends...



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I'm on windows with firefox 3 and it looks to be working perfectly fine for me. Although it's taken rather a long time to download 6 seconds of video i suspect that's to do with my actual internet (not much of a) service provider.
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Running Windows XP Pro and it opened up instantly B with no issues at all.

Lovely playing Mr.Riley by the way...:}

criz p. critter

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OS X 10.5.7, Safari 3.2.3.

Clip looks beautiful, clear with lots of detail. No skips or hesitations in playback through the browser. Also downloaded and played perfectly in Quicktime Player 7.6.

Thanks, and keep up the great work on the site!