Drummerworld help needed...


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Have started work on my Gretsch Bass drum shell today, am replacing the wrap so took the original off and have been confronted with a load of old wrap glue on there. Was expecting this, however the stuff will not sand off, so am reduced to scraping it.

Am not too bothered bout this, its very time-consuming, tho, in the respect that I'm trying not to take any of the top ply off.

Does anyone know a quick way to get this off? Do any of those glue solvents damage the wood?

Or am I simply gona have to face up to the slow nature of this?



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I would think that heating up a puddy knife or scraper would speed up the scraping process. I would be hesitant about adding any solvent that is powerful enough to break down the glue to the drum shell.


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I used paint stripper on my drums to remove the paint, it did not harm the shells at all. I bet it would work on that glue. I would get a small container of Citristrip at the local hardware store and try it on a small spot. The wort it could do is not work. I use much harsher strippers that that and have had no issues. I it works be sure to tape up the holes from the inside or it will strip the interior around the holes ;-)


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Jasco premium paint and epoxy remover. Takes glue off of shells. I've also taken paint (rattle can jobs) off of "original" vintage wraps, to the extent that I can re-sell just the drum shell for more than I bought the whole drum for, thereby having hardware for "other" projects. Indeed, rmandelbaum is correct about taping holes.