Drummers who use a 24" ride but smaller drum sizes.


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Is there any famous/well known drummers who use a 24" ride but DON'T use a 26" kick or 'Bonham" sizes?.As i used to subscribe to the attitude/opinion/view point that if you have&use 'Bonham" sized cymbals you HAVE TO &MUST also use "Bonham" sized drums!.Attempting&trying to find inspiration&motivation to cure my OCD in swapping/trading drums once&yet again for the umpteeth time! :(.


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Chris Adler comes to mind:

Matt Bo Eder

I had a 24" that I used with a 22" bass drum - but having a cymbal that large was impractical. I had to get a whole new case just to carry it around since my regular cymbal bag is a 22". But I always say, if the sound requires you to have a 24", but the drums are fine, then go right ahead.

I remember reading years ago Billy Cobham had a 26" swish and ride, and Peter Erskine used a 26" ride with Stan Kenton - I'd love to play a ride that big. I'd have to have 20 and 22 thin crashes though, and 18 hi-hats ;)


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Thomas Pridgen uses a 24" ride and 24" kick.

But use whatever you like! If it sounds right, use it :)


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I play a 22" ride, 20" ride, and 18" crash on a bop kit with only an 18" bass drum. I'm not famous but I like to pretend :)


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I use a 24" ride with a 22" or 16" kick. Poor ride choice at the time, basically what the local drum shop had in stock, I didn't realize it was the Grohl Foo Fighters sound. I clamp the ride a lot, these days which I have come to like, for the nuance, however a complex smaller K or Chinese ride would have been as good or better for what I need.


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I think you would be pretty safe to assume that most jazz combo players utilize rides that are larger than their drums. Different genre I know from what you are referring to but it still stands. Play what sounds good to you. Don't let aesthetics get in the way of your sound.


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I'm sure I'm not famous, but I played a 24" ride for several years up until just recently when I bought a 20" ride which is now the one I use most often. I have a 22" kick and no toms bigger than 16".


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I'm barely famous on here, but I play a 24" ride. With either two 20" crashes or a 20" and an 18".

chris J

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For an alternative viewpoint:
I'm NOT famous, and I DON'T use a 24" ride.
But I do use a 22" ride......... :)


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After 53 years of playing (I did in fact fill in for Kool and the Gang's drummer twice!) I love my 24" ping, I find that I don't have to work as hard to get an "appropriate" sound... I happen to use a 10" tom,14" floor & 20" kick. Somewhat of an anomaly, I'm sure - but it works for me. And that's all that counts!