Drummers who play other instruments also....


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I played classical instruments first, then bass for 25 years before playing drums.

Having played bass for so long it helped with my rhythm keeping when starting on drums. But I now realise that my drumming has a greater influence on my bass playing than the other way round. I used to always be on or in front of the beat as a bassist. I'm now much more relaxed and better at playing on the button as a bassist. I think that an internal beat has only come from drumming.

I'm mostly requested to play bass anyway but I would say the musical perspective I have is definitely about playing the song. You can overplay or play inappropriately on any instrument. So this and band dynamics is something that I feel very strongly about.

Interesting question.



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Wnen I was a wee lad of 10 I thought I'd like to play French Horn and took a few lessons but wasn't committed to practicing and it became a chore. Then 6th grade beginning band came around and I fought to play Trumpet because I saw Doc Severinsen and heard Al Hirt but there were already 20 kids signed up to play Trumpet and the teacher suggested I try another instrument. I saw a great drummer in my brother's school jazz band and saw how cool he was and how he always had girlfriends, and I saw Buddy Rich on TV and heard his albums so I decided on drums. Now years later the drums still facinate me and I still love playing them and collecting them.

But I have an upright piano at home and bought a used trumpet since I still would like to learn to play the trumpet. I've tinkered with it a bit but want to take trumpet lessons before I develop too many bad habits.