Drummer's type of fun!


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Tonight, on a Friday I night I stayed in and did some snare maintenance. I have a DW Acoustic EQ that I have been wanting to add wood hoops to. When I bought the wood hoops a while back, the DW branded Dunnett throw wouldn't clear the hoop so I put them on my Pork Pie Cherry/Bubinga snare. So tonight I swapped the DW mag throw on my DW Jazz series snare with the DW Dunnett throw so I could put the wood hoops on the EQ snare (and put a new coated Ambassador on it). Then I put die-cast hoops on the Pork Pie Cherry/Bubinga. Then I removed the Nickelworks throw from my Keller maple snare and replaced it with a Dunnett throw (and put a new Evans PCRD on it). Then I removed the stock crappy throw on my Musashi Oak and replaced it with the Nickelworks throw (and put a new coated G2 on it) To me, that was a nice night and I had fun working on and tuning the drums.... this could only be a fun night to a drummer! LOL

Anybody else find yourself having just as much fun doing things like this sometimes instead of going out or doing something "fun?"


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I love to kick around my drum room. My wife calls it "puttering". I look forward to it and it keeps me out of trouble, sometimes.


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Friday night.... I worked all day on some flooring in a small single floor building. Found some rotten wood and a gutter leak and quoted that fix. Got home, ate some homemade vegetable soup and started looking at an old 2 drawer chest that belonged to my father-in-law back when he was a shaver. Started some glue and clamp stuff on that to get it ready for a mild non-invasive restoration. Played a bit of harmonica and worked out on the pad and went up to eBay to drool/justify this 3-dot that keeps nagging at me... the You Tube on this cymbal sounds great. Hit the rack late and got up early. Didn't do much today except arrange some tools for next week and worked a bit more on the 2 drawer chest.


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I'm laying alone in my bed, crying and eating ice-cream while watching the antiques roadshow.


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I love dismantling/assembling/tuning/setting up drum stuff...sometimes guitar and bass stuff, too. The exception being the tear down - load - unload - set up - repeat routine for gigs. I got to have some "fun" a few weeks ago reskinning all my toms, and I even got my girlfriend to help! I think she just liked using my RoboKey...

This reminds me of one of the most "fun" times I ever had. UPS delivered my X7 kit when me and my ex-girlfriend were in the middle of watching a movie. Guess who was super excited to help me assemble my new drums? Not her. She expected me to sit still and finish the movie and pay attention to her until she left. Instead I put together my drums three feet away from her...which didn't seem to make her any happier. Whatever. Also, Kiki's Delivery Service is now one of my favorite movies.