Drummers! Support Your Local H.S. Drumlines!


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I just attended my local high school's (L.D. Bell) "Night of Drumming" concert. This was hosted by the school's drumline and showcased percussionists from area Jr. high's as well.
The $5.00 ticket (fundraiser for the band) was well worth the entertainment and inspiration that I got from the event. The young men an women that played in this program were all extraordinary musicians! My hat goes off to them and the band instructors that work (and spend so much time ) with them daily.
I've seen a lot of professional drummers do amazing things, but there was one young man there tonight that played a snare solo that could blow many of them away!
This event just reminded me of all the money that I have spent on concerts and such when some of the best talents are right in our own back yard!
Do yourself (and them) a favor and keep an eye out for these type of programs in your area and support these young folks that invested so much in our craft.