drummers need agents?


question for the professional drummers out there, do you all have agents that help you land auditions? or do you do all the leg work yourself? Im not in anyway saying that im good enough for a agent just wondering how some "Joe Blow" would have any chance at auditions for bigger bands? Is it word of mouth that someone knows someone that knows someone or how does it work?


This isn't something I have had personal experience with, but my drum teacher auditioned for The Cure and I believe that was through a recommendation rather than an agent. I think its more of a case of knowing lots of people and creating a good enough impression for them to remember and think of you if a big audition arises.

I read a quote on another website that said (paraphrased) 'Maybe it was a bad decision to drop out of Berkley to join a traveling circus, but who knew the bearded lady was connected to so many people in the industry'. I think this sums up the luck it can take for coming across good/big gigs. Give it your all every night because you never know who is in the audience or who the people your playing with know.


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If you're not one of the first-call touring guys (Vinnie, Keltner, JR, Gadd, Josh Freese, etc) then it's a simple matter of right-place-right-time. I haven't heard of any agents that can promote a drummer into a situatrion that they couldn't find on their own.

As usual, it's mostly about networking, keeping your ear to the ground, and keeping tabs on artists who don't have a steady band. That's where most of the opportunities are for freelance drummers (read: hired guns).



good points... i have an audition for a metal band this sunday and even tho i know 99% that i will not take the job if offered (band rehersal is over 1.5 hours from my house) im going so i can network a bit and see what there all about.... this is an established band and they called me not vise versa.... i was up front with them from the start letting them know if the situation was different and they were say 30 minutes from me it would be a different story. But they wanted me to check it out anyway telling me you never know...

never say never i guess


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I have often wondered this myself. I know of several bands that have had open auditions for drummers and I would have loved to put my hat in the ring. I always wonder who it is you have to know to get the chance to be at that audition or get your tape looked at. The best example I can think of is Breaking Benjamin. The guy who got the gig submitted a VHS tape. I would have loved to do that.


get business cards and be out and about as much as possible ....even if you are not playing show your face

agents are barely necessary for people who have and think they need agents