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Hi Drummer friends,

I played (was a hack) drums when I was younger and had a kit around when my son was born. He started playing around with them when he was very young. He used to carry wooden spoons around and wouldn't let them go, would fall asleep with them lol and we'd take them out once he fell asleep. First thing he says to me when he gets up in the morning is where's my "spoony loves?' Ha! That's what he called em.
Now he's 15 years old takes lessons from a great mentor, instructor named Don Hamrick in North Myrtle Bech S.C., and has gotten really good at playing. He's in the marching band too and it is so much fun to watch him playing. I'm a performer and do magic full time so I have a few connections, from those he has been asked to play with another band who's drummer couldn't make a gig. It was a really good band out of Maryland coming down for Bike Week in Myrtle Beach. They were skeptical but I convinced them he could pull it off. He learned fifty songs in a week and crushed it! They want him to move to Maryland!
Next he subbed for a regional band that plays country and tours the southeast, motorcoach and the whole deal. He has played seven gigs with them and I go right along with them to keep an eye on it. Great guys and environment other than bars. But here's my thinking and what I've heard they say if you want to play professional and make it you have to grind it out in the bars for ten years or more. My thoughts, why not be with him and do this part early? I have the time flexibility so far and we have discussed home schooling and flipping drums into his focus. He also has a couple of kids his age he's gigging with occasionally but its frustrating because they aren't really anywhere as good (forget lyrics, play bar chords etc)
The "he is serious and we'll home school him" talk with band, scared them a bit as they didn't want the shift to be about them, but what they don't understand is we had talked about it happening anyway. We had been watching tis band when their old drummer left.
So we are currently subbing for them occasionally while they bring in a new bass player. I also imagine that scares them having a newbie teenager, and new pro bass player. He plays their whole sets with usually no mistakes, timing is great. We hope that they'll hire him and enjoy the novelty of having a young kid blow people away?
He bought and paid for his own Grestch Kit and Zildjan cymbals. My next thing I'm doing other than paying for lessons is buying proper hardware, and drum bags so he is semi ready.
I am looking for any advice (especially from pros out there or anyone who was/is similar to his story) and input on things like; next step? how to find a local band and help them understand he's serious? Thanks in advance