Drummers called Ben


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Hello, my name is Ben. It just occurred to me that I couldn't think of any drummers called Ben. Yes, there's Benny Greb, and Benny Benjamin, but they're both called Benny, not Ben.
I want to see how I measure up with other drummers called Ben. Can you think of any? There must be some somewhere. I suppose I mean professionals who are reasonably well-known. Obviously there are other people called Ben who play the drums.


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I know a guy by the name of Ben Singleton who plays drums, but he's not famous ouside of my local scene.


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Check out Ben White who does product test videos for memphisdrumshop.com and mycymbal.com. Badass player for sure.


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My full name is Britton. And Im a man. Yet to meet another Britton in real life, nonetheless someone who is a professional drummer. I wouldnt let it get you down.