Drummers Around The World


Hi Drum and Percussion Brothers and Sisters Everywhere!
Many greetings from beautiful Milano. One more day here in Northern Italy before heading back to Germany for my final clinic on the first leg of my 2012 European Groove Workshop Tour. It's early and I only have a few minutes so please forgive my typing....
I've been coming to Europe now for 30+ years (almost yearly) and it's always great to meet and talk with many of the Drummers from around the world. This current trip (5 weeks total) has included stops in Germany, Turkey, France, Switzerland and Italy. While at the Frankfurt Musik Messe (kinda the international version of the US NAMM show but MUCH larger) I always get the chance to see many old friends and make new ones from all over the World. This year was no different. I talked and hung out with interesting and interested players, students, teachers and professionals from countries including, Japan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Jordan, China, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Africa and of course the other above previously mentioned countries. It's always interesting to me how drummers from almost every country seem to be so open, willing and ready to discuss and share information about playing, performing and learning . Please understand that this is not a "slam" to anyone of a "dis" but my observance....... It's interesting for me to see the genuine interest in asking more questions and learning more about every aspect of the drumming art form, that I don't seem to see as often or as much many times in the states. Perhaps the word "jaded" might be a good term to use as we in the states are bombarded by advertising, clinics, concerts, the fastest, the loudest, the most technical etc. I truly feel there is always room for discovering, learning, exploring and delivering new and interesting information. It's really fun for me when talking to fellow drummers/percussionists to share things from our lifetime and careers that have helped shape and or influenced our own styles and techniques. The interest in drums, sticks, beaters, cymbals, hardware, other related gear, books, music, travel, food, etc, etc, are something that really influence us all.......It's really great to see a young student talking about many of the same things as the older, more experienced guys. Maybe not as much interest in play station, TV and video games over here...!!!!!! Hmm? Something to think about. Also at many of my own performances, clinics and workshops throughout Europe, the range of ages of attendees is many times from 8 or 10 years old (often their parents as well......how many parents in the states will make time or even want to come to a drum clinic....ha) all the way up to 70, 80 and beyond......the guys that have been playing their whole life and still interested in hearing, seeing and learning. We all are constantly learning and I personally never get tired of it. Also, if in return, I can provide someone with something that they find interesting and useful or even maybe not...that's OK too..........Let's just all take a moment to sit back and look at the bigger picture of what this wonderful world (getting smaller all the time) has to offer and not get so caught up in being, faster, louder, hipper or cooler than anyone else and just be open to as much as possible to move forward in our own quest for being the best we can be "It's All Good"..............oh yeah, I forgot to mention the time one new found friend drove 60+ miles just to pick me up at the train station to take me to a great restaurant and concert.....and then back to the station (no complaints).......this would be difficult to even expect in the states and especially in L.A.....Ha.....It's time to smell the roses. I look forward to more and more trips all over the world and look forward to meeting and hanging with many more interesting folks everywhere.........ciao for now, it's time for breakfast before teaching a few lessons and getting an another train heading back to Germany. Back to L.A. on the 15th, gigs on 18th and 19th and back on Tour with Juice on the 21st........
Tutto Bene...........Keeping it Funky here in Europe, Rick